A DVD of your Conference / Event

Scream images can provide you with a DVD of your Conference, Speech or Event which you can then sell or distribute as you see fit.
We offer the following –

  • Video the event
  • Audio professionally Recorded
  • Lighting
  • Supply of PA System with Wireless microphones
  • Design art work & packaging

The video and audio will be synced together for that professional result.

We charge £250 ; this is for audio and video combined, so you will have a sound engineer as well as camera man & lighting.

If you only require one or the other then we charge £125 .

Please note we have a minimum charge of £100  ( this does not apply to art work or design )

For art work & design we charge £25 for a general CD or DVD inlay

For further info CLICK HERE or call us on 020 8686 5788


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