All Ages Gigs Available

All-ages gigs are available at Scream Lounge.

To get a gig on an all-ages bill, your band needs to buy a minimum of 10 tickets from us to sell on to your fanbase.
Tickets are £5 each and are available from the venue bar.

If more than 20 people come to the gig to see your band (we take a tally on the door), then you will get paid £1 per person.

Shows generally start at 7pm and end at 10.30pm, and feature a minimum of four bands.

Drums and amps are provided free by the venue, but drummers must bring their own kick pedal, snare, cymbals and hi hat clutch.

If you’d like to be considered for one of these events, please click here to contact us by email, letting us know what date you would like to play.

The next All-Ages events are on the following dates:
Bank Holiday Monday April 1st
Saturday June 1st
Saturday July 20th
Saturday August 3rd

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