Gushing Venue/Gig Review

Aide told me to find stuff to write on this section, so I Googled us and this is the first review I found.
I swear we didn’t pay this geezer to write this…

“It had been one of those things I had been thinking about for sometime – must visit the Scream Lounge, ever since it was opened as a new venue in my local town of Croydon. Despite numerous nights out, for one reason or another, I had just not made it and finally thanks to a mate’s 40th birthday I got there the other Saturday and what a pleasure it was!

I remember the premises as a short-lived Thai restaurant and a glossy, glitzy, mirror-lined bar/club- the E-Bar, that on my one regretful visit played woeful dance and hip-hop all night and was notorious for many reasons. However the place was relaunched sometime ago – linking the Scream studios behind the building, offering a stage for up and coming bands and a venue in the Southern suburbs.

Walking in, it is striking that the decor has changed and feels about right now. Gone are the glamourous fixtures, replaced by homely down to earth pieces, and a large screen connected to a PS3. The bar is small but service was excellent from the efficient and attractive bar staff, and they provide another very pleasant surprise in the low cost of a large round – always welcome.

I was impressed by the number of posters and flyers, advertising future gigs and the wide range of genres that were due to be covered; with metal band nights, talent nights, punk nights, folk and comedy all advertised amongst others.

The evening’s bands were AlterRed and Tenek, both electronic based bands with an ear to the classic synthny sounds of the 80s favourites like Numan, New Order and Ultravox. AlterRed played a set based on their recently released first album and tested a few numbers for the first time on the sparse early audience. By the time headliners, local boys, Tenek appear, the DJ had got everyone moving with an excellent set of nostalgic electronica.

The audience had expanded considerably, and it was clear that Tenek had brought a good following with them. They are a three piece, wearing their 80s influences clear for all to see and hear and they were largely playing to the converted. Their set was again based around a new album – ‘On the Wire’ with some other songs added. An early highlight was the excellent ‘Blinded By You’, a song that you can imagine as a massive hit at a time when Soft Cell or Depeche Mode were at their height. Their set was liberally sprinkled with other catchy numbers and they were creating a superb atmosphere on the dance floor.

Two other songs of note, both from the new album, ‘No Time For Fighting’ and ‘Under My Skin’ were extremely popular and after a short visit backstage the band returned for a encore of ‘Blinded By You’ again. A hugely enjoyable performance, and I was pleased to hear they had secured a support slot on Toyah’s forthcoming revival tour.

But the venue is not limited to one stage as I discovered. Above the bar is an additional one with a small stage at one end. To my delight I found that there was a Psychobilly and Rockabilly night going on. Making short trips during breaks I saw two excellent energetic bands kicking out punky rock’n’roll each with the support of a strummed double bass. A visit after the Tenek gig had a true fifties style r’n’r 5 piece combo singing a slightly slower and melodic tune as their final song and we vowed that we would keep an eye out for the next 50s themed night as we had missed a good one!

The Scream Lounge is an excellent stop for a couple of pints or more importantly to catch some live music. Checking the website,this weekend showcased The Coolers, a ska and 2Tone tribute band whilst Saturday had a grunge covers band downstairs and upstairs had a punk night!  The venue is not scared of an eclectic mix,  but it’s next Friday (29th) that might be more important. It sees the regular Friday Night Showcase for local bands – if you find yourself south of the border check out the line-up and catch South London’s next sensation!”

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