Tech Spec

Technical Specifications of Sound & Lighting Equipment


Allen & Heath GL2200 24-Channel PA

DBX Compressor/Gate 266XL2

Peavey Professional Stereo Amp PV 2000

Numark Professional Duo CD Player CDN32SE

Behringer Compressor Pro MDX2200

Behringer Compressor Pro MDX4400

Yamaha Graphic Equaliser Q2031B

Yamaha Graphic Equaliser Q2031

Alesis MIDIVER64 Processor

Proel Flash 12a Speakers x4

Proel Flash 15SA x4



Allen & Heath GL2000 24 Channel PA

Yamaha SPX Multi Effect Processor

DBX 166A Compressor/Limiter

DBX 266XL Compressor/Gate

Behringer Professional Compressor MDX2600

Numark Professional Duel CD Player CDN22 MK III

DBX Graphic Equalizer 231s

Behringern Ultra Graphics Pro GEQ3102

DBX Graphic Equalizer 215

Peavey Constant Graphic Equalizer FCS 966

Behringer Eurorack Mixer MX602A 6 Channel Bus

Behringer Ultrabass BB810

Full Yamaha Stage Custom Acoustic Drum Kit

EV Rx112/75 Cabinets x2

EV Subwoofer RX118S x2

EV Electrovoice SX250 x3

Peavey XXL 412 Slant Speaker

Behringer Ultradrive Pro DCX2496

Behringer High Precision 2/3/4 Way Crossover CX3400 x2

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